Thursday, February 3, 2011

Expanding My Horizons

Hello again. In my blog entry on April 22, 2009 I informed the masses [which at this point probably consist of about zero people] how I had entered a 2-year-long-detour in my path towards Naturopathic Medicine. Nearly 2 years later, I sit here on the horizon of the end of this detour. It's actually quite difficult to believe and take in, but here I am. It's finally time to focus my attention on natural health - an area of my life I have been depriving for quite some time. As a student at a major university trying to fit in to the status-quo, it has been nearly impossible to equally divide my time between classes/natural health/work/friends/sleep/taking care of myself. After much rearranging to fit everything in, natural health fell out the window and has been buried in the snow right next to my car.

Starting in July, when graduation and all my classes are over, the GV chapter of my life closes and the new yet-to-be-named one begins. I'm excited and nervous, not knowing what is to come. Thankfully there are a few landmarks along the way to give me some direction and hope. My first niece is due to be welcomed to the world sometime in late April. In August, my FAVORITE college roommate [Lord knows I've had waaay too many!] Kelsey is getting married, and I have the honor of standing up in her wedding. [thanks for stealing my roommate Kris......] Then in May 2012 I get to stand up in a wedding for the greatest friend I could ever have, Leah. I feel so blessed to have her in my life and am grateful to be apart of such an important day in hers. These and many other events will be landmarks and special things that will help shape my life and continually direct me along the path God has for me.

With all of that said, I am leaving college with an optimistic viewpoint. Beyond moving back in with my parents [sorry guys!], working at my job I've had for 2 years and everything else I just mentioned, I don't have solid plans. I'm still trying to find a school that will be a perfect fit for my needs and desires. Through my research of degree programs and schools, I have narrowed down the fact that I don't want to be a Naturopathic Doctor anymore. All N.D. programs are set-up like med school and therefore cannot be differentiated from an M.D. program by any large means. Not only do I not have the money or patience for med school, I don't have the desire. I want to help and educate people in living and healing naturally; I don't need a doctor title in order to do that. I've found a potential school that looks good and will give me a Holistic Health Practitioner certification. They have a thorough program with internship and job placement opportunities. From this point forward I plan on seeking God, weighing the pros and cons and doing my best to make the right decision.

This journey has had many twists and turns, none of which I was expecting. But since when was anything easy? Through the fog and frustration, God has given me new friends, new experiences and a fresh perspective on the life I've been given. I want this blog to be a way to remember this journey and see how far I've come.

Anything you want to discuss regarding natural health? Post as a comment and we'll get the ball rolling!