Monday, March 17, 2008

Vitamin C - The Wonder Vitamin

Vitamin C - a very complex vitamin that our bodies cannot produce. It is coined the "Anti-Inflammatory" vitamin. It plays a huge role in collagen production and immune system function. On top of that, it is considered an anti-oxidant that is very important for tissue growth and repair, adrenal function and the maintenance of healthy gums. This, to me, is a wonder vitamin. It does so much and is so critical to our bodies health.

As I'm sure most of you know, it is very abundant in citrus fruits, but Vitamin C can also be found in pretty much all of your fruits and vegetables in at least some amount. I feel that this shows even more how integral it is to our bodies function. Also, if you find yourself to already be an acidic person, instead of consuming the aforementioned things for vitamin C, go for rose hips. They are a non-acidic source of the vitamin - which is particularly good for TYPE Os.

Want a really cool beauty secret? Taking 1,000mg/day of Vitamin C - and I am not talking synthetic here, I'm talking the real stuff that was not concocted in a lab somewhere - will decrease the formation of wrinkles. As I mentioned, Vitamin C plays a big role in collagen production, and collagen is the part of us that is responsible for keeping the skin elastic and strong. When it is lacking is when the wrinkles form.

This vitamin is also very superb for so many other things. It can help take care of - joint pain, impaired wound healing, brittle bones, edema, bleeding gums/loose teeth, etc.

Here is an interesting story. The Director of Education at NITE told us that when she broke her arm, she took 20,000mg-30,000mg of Vitamin C each day (supplemented but not synthetic). She only did this for about the first week, but still kept the Vitamin C up after that. She did this and did not take any pain medication. Not only did the C help repair her bone, it took the pain away, or at least decreased it to a bearable level. This makes me excited for the next time good 'ol "Aunt Flow" comes around so I can test that theory. I'll pump the Vitamin C and see how that goes as far as menstrual cramps. I'll let you know about that.

A few more fun facts about Vitamin C:
Helps relieve back pain (and as I have come to understand, all pain)
Decreases cholesterol levels
Fights cataracts, pyorrhea (advanced periodontal disease), aging, diabetes and gall stones.

Don't forget to read the previous post about my 2 classes coming up. Try and come if you can!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Class Numero Dos (2)

So I was thinking, and I realize I am doing this in a last minute sort of way - again, but would anyone be available to attend a class I would like to have on this:
Saturday, March 22nd at 6:30pm at my house?
It would be about Vitamins and Minerals: Where can I get them and what do their deficiencies look like?
I apologize again for the fact of late notice, but my work schedule is really sketchy and cannot be depended upon in any manner. How about a "not as late of notice" class? Well, I was thinking about doing another class, on top of that one, on
Saturday, March 29th at 6:30pm at my house.
It would be on Food Combining: How to eat in order to properly use nutrients.
I really am interested in feedback as to if these dates would work. They do not have to be set in stone yet. They only reason I need to know if they work is because it is required to get 10 people at a class in order for it to count as our homework. So if I can get 10 people at at least one of them that would be just fine. But if you are interested in a topic but cannot make it then I could see about changing it. So please, offer feedback.

Also, a little sidenote: attendance at the class will require a $2 fee. Don't let that scare you, if you are very interested but cannot come up with the $2, please still come. I am not so stringent on this, but it is one of those things I have to do (requirements with the school and such). I hope you can understand.

How about one interesting side note I learned this weekend?
So the new big thing nowadays is "Let's have low cholesterol! Cholesterol clogs your arteries and is bad!" And on and on it goes. Cholesterol will be one thing we can discuss at the food combining class, so I will not get into a lot of it, but did you know this? Cholesterol is what is used to create hormones (amongst other things). So, if your cholesterol is TOO LOW, you are not able to produce the hormones needed and what does that leave you with? A decreased, if not non-existent, SEX DRIVE. If you can't make the hormones to tell you that you desire sex, then you won't desire it. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Why hello! I apologize for my extended time away. There were so many things going on and then i had my vacation, that it was just impossible to set aside time to write, let alone think of anything to write. But, I have quite the topic now. While away on vacation, I was reading for school (which did not last for too long with the sun shining of course!) and read about fevers. What do you know, that night I got one. Isn't it weird how things work like that?

Anyways, fevers: your body temperature going higher than normal. Seems like a simple concept. I assumed that everyone understood why it was this happened to people, that was until I went to my Nutrition class yesterday. My professor was talking about fevers and how horrible they are and can change the structure of things in your body and how they need to be brought down immediately. Of course, if a person has a high fever for a period of I would say more than 3 days, then yes, it should be checked out and tamed. But a fever for a period of a day is something that should not be taken down.

Our bodies raise the temperature inside of us for a purpose. That purpose is to kill off the bad bacteria that is floating around inside. It's kind of like the bad bacteria is getting bigger and stronger so the body needs to take a stronger measure in order to kill it. So why would you want to stop this innate mechanism your body has for protecting itself? You wouldn't!

After my fever was gone, the next day my tonsils were severely enlarged and hurt really bad! Why is that? Allow me to explain - through the high fever, my body was able to kill off those bacterias it didn't want inside. Then, it made use of my lymphatic system to transport all of the bad bacteria it killed as to get it out of the body. The tonsils are an emergency "dump site" for the lymphatic system. When the body has those little buggers inside, it kills them then moves them into lymph nodes to dispose of. Once the dead bacteria is inside my tonsils, the nasty stuff gets out of me one of two ways - a) drips down my throat then i end up pooping it out, or b) i cough and get those lovely mucous chunks out which house some of that dead bacteria. That is why when you get a nice, lumpy, green mucous chunk in your mouth when you cough (which happened to me twice!) you don't want to swallow it! It's better to just spit it out. If you don't, it will end up still being disposed of, through your poop. But give your body the easy way out and just spit it in the toilet and flush it!

So all in all, trust me, i KNOW that fevers are no fun - especially the headaches that come along with them. But if you try and take down the fever (by taking pain killers or any other method you choose to use) you are making it more difficult on your body. If you let it run it's course, while keeping an eye on it, you are enabling the body to do what it needs to do in order to heal you. Remember the body is capable of healing itself. There, I felt like making it short and sweet.