Sunday, March 16, 2008

Class Numero Dos (2)

So I was thinking, and I realize I am doing this in a last minute sort of way - again, but would anyone be available to attend a class I would like to have on this:
Saturday, March 22nd at 6:30pm at my house?
It would be about Vitamins and Minerals: Where can I get them and what do their deficiencies look like?
I apologize again for the fact of late notice, but my work schedule is really sketchy and cannot be depended upon in any manner. How about a "not as late of notice" class? Well, I was thinking about doing another class, on top of that one, on
Saturday, March 29th at 6:30pm at my house.
It would be on Food Combining: How to eat in order to properly use nutrients.
I really am interested in feedback as to if these dates would work. They do not have to be set in stone yet. They only reason I need to know if they work is because it is required to get 10 people at a class in order for it to count as our homework. So if I can get 10 people at at least one of them that would be just fine. But if you are interested in a topic but cannot make it then I could see about changing it. So please, offer feedback.

Also, a little sidenote: attendance at the class will require a $2 fee. Don't let that scare you, if you are very interested but cannot come up with the $2, please still come. I am not so stringent on this, but it is one of those things I have to do (requirements with the school and such). I hope you can understand.

How about one interesting side note I learned this weekend?
So the new big thing nowadays is "Let's have low cholesterol! Cholesterol clogs your arteries and is bad!" And on and on it goes. Cholesterol will be one thing we can discuss at the food combining class, so I will not get into a lot of it, but did you know this? Cholesterol is what is used to create hormones (amongst other things). So, if your cholesterol is TOO LOW, you are not able to produce the hormones needed and what does that leave you with? A decreased, if not non-existent, SEX DRIVE. If you can't make the hormones to tell you that you desire sex, then you won't desire it. Sounds fun, doesn't it?


Gwyn said...

dave and i can come

Jennifer D. said...

Maybe that is my

Julie said...

Oh thank you for sharing! Are you saying your cholesterol is too high or low? Ha, well if you mean low, would you like to know a good source of good, healthy cholesterol? Raw egg. Or you could get away with poaching it, but you definitely do not want to fry or overly cook it. The lecithin that makes the yolk yellow is very beneficial in aiding your body in making proper use of good cholesterol. Also just bringing in good fats, like oils and butter (NOT margarine). Good luck with that.....=]

Jeff said...

So I guess I have VERY HIGH cholesterol. Interesting.
YOur Mom and I will be there.