Monday, March 17, 2008

Vitamin C - The Wonder Vitamin

Vitamin C - a very complex vitamin that our bodies cannot produce. It is coined the "Anti-Inflammatory" vitamin. It plays a huge role in collagen production and immune system function. On top of that, it is considered an anti-oxidant that is very important for tissue growth and repair, adrenal function and the maintenance of healthy gums. This, to me, is a wonder vitamin. It does so much and is so critical to our bodies health.

As I'm sure most of you know, it is very abundant in citrus fruits, but Vitamin C can also be found in pretty much all of your fruits and vegetables in at least some amount. I feel that this shows even more how integral it is to our bodies function. Also, if you find yourself to already be an acidic person, instead of consuming the aforementioned things for vitamin C, go for rose hips. They are a non-acidic source of the vitamin - which is particularly good for TYPE Os.

Want a really cool beauty secret? Taking 1,000mg/day of Vitamin C - and I am not talking synthetic here, I'm talking the real stuff that was not concocted in a lab somewhere - will decrease the formation of wrinkles. As I mentioned, Vitamin C plays a big role in collagen production, and collagen is the part of us that is responsible for keeping the skin elastic and strong. When it is lacking is when the wrinkles form.

This vitamin is also very superb for so many other things. It can help take care of - joint pain, impaired wound healing, brittle bones, edema, bleeding gums/loose teeth, etc.

Here is an interesting story. The Director of Education at NITE told us that when she broke her arm, she took 20,000mg-30,000mg of Vitamin C each day (supplemented but not synthetic). She only did this for about the first week, but still kept the Vitamin C up after that. She did this and did not take any pain medication. Not only did the C help repair her bone, it took the pain away, or at least decreased it to a bearable level. This makes me excited for the next time good 'ol "Aunt Flow" comes around so I can test that theory. I'll pump the Vitamin C and see how that goes as far as menstrual cramps. I'll let you know about that.

A few more fun facts about Vitamin C:
Helps relieve back pain (and as I have come to understand, all pain)
Decreases cholesterol levels
Fights cataracts, pyorrhea (advanced periodontal disease), aging, diabetes and gall stones.

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Jennifer D. said...

OHH!!! Lots of good info!

Chuck Persimmons said...

Aunt Flow? This blog is rated R.

Julie said...

Rated R? Yeah right! I didn't come right out and say it. You are weird...

kaphonnen1970 said...

what is the place where you get your vitamins from? I know Amanda told me before and I looked at them, but that was it. I am getting confused looking at other vitamin websites!

Julie said...

Natures Sunshine is where I get them. I have the capabilities to sell them to you, and for cheaper then you would pay buying from them yourself, so if you want me to I can. But I am not looking to steal business from anyone. I just wanted to let you know. =]

Anonymous said...

OK it's been almost 3 weeks - where is the update??Are we getting lazy?