Monday, May 4, 2009

"Swine Flu"

I am not nearly an expert of any sort in anything [maybe in the pooping department, but that is still under review], but I felt like giving my thoughts on the swine flu. I was passed along this link on further details regarding it, and I recommend you check it out to get some facts on it. But here is what I think:
This swine flu "epidemic" madness that has been coming about is absolutely ridiculous in my mind. I saw a thing on the news today that in the U.S. only 1 person has died from it and 20 others worldwide. I am in no way diminishing the value of the lives of those that were lost, because I know and believe that all people are important, but c'mon, seriously? They are closing schools because of this thing? I feel like this is an absolute overreaction [and potentially an opportunity for the American government to get a break from all of their mistakes being broadcast throughout the world via the news]. I am just astounded at the fact that so many other viruses, bacteria and the like are killing more people than this strain of the flu. Take for instance any hunger-related diseases that plague the third world countries; 30,000 people die DAILY from those! [you can never get me off my soapbox about the hunger problem, that's for sure!] If you look at the aforementioned website, it shows just one example of how people are going crazy. The symptoms are basically the same, the precautions are the same [except those crazy masks people have taken to wearing] and it is infecting/killing many less people then the "normal" flu. Are people desiring another epidemic? Do we thrive on chaos and disease and want the resurrection of the black death? Okay, that last part was a little harsh and most likely not true I will admit. But people, seriously, stop freaking out. Be careful to avoid it like you would any disease, but stop stressing because when you stress, you invite the diseases right in to wreck havoc on your body. Stay stress free and keep those buggers AWAY!


Carol said...

Actually the little girl that died in the US, in Texas, was from Mexico visiting friends in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is so freaked out about the swine flu. It seems like every little bug they have, it MUST be this life threatening illness that so MANY people have died from.

I agree with your earlier statement, the government needs a distraction. When people are all tied up with the swine flu, who is going to think of all the other stuff.

Anonymous said...

are you still on a journey to a natural life

Anonymous said...

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