Thursday, January 24, 2008

Toxic Stress Cycle

We learned a lot about the Toxic Stress Cycle. This was the first I had heard about such a thing as this, so I'm sure some of you may not know what it is. The Toxic Stress Cycle is how your body deals with stresses that come upon it. Now stresses are not necessarily always just mental or emotional stress. You know the kind when you say "I'M SO STRESSED!" The body also gets stressed from the following few things:

depleted food – this includes processed foods, microwave foods, foods that aren’t naturally occurring for the most part;

poor food combinations – the way you combine the foods you eat totally affects the way they are digested. For instance, carbs and fruits do not digest well if eaten together. AKA – pie is not good for and can stress your body;

liquids with meals – drinking while eating dilutes digestive juices so they do not work to their full extent. Also, the body can only assimilate (make proper use of) 3oz. of water at a time. So, you should be drinking inbetween meals not more than 3 oz per 15 minutes. If you drink more than that – it does NOTHING to hydrate you. Consider that the next time you guzzle down some water when you are really thirsty.

pollutants – (this one is interesting) Pollutants are things like insecticides, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, stuff like that, that are in our foods. When these are in your body, your body has no way of breaking them down or dealing with them, so they just sit there. When they sit there for awhile, the body will encase them as to prevent the body from further harm. These encased pollutants are……any guesses? Tumors! (The exclamation is not a happy one, because this is not a happy thing. But a surprised, interested, shocked and amazed one);

additives and preservatives - remember, prematurely preserving the body;

genetically modified organisms - these are foods that have been messed up (DNA crossed and things of that nature) in order to produce results that are not naturally occurring;

improper chewing - face it, if you don't chew something fully then it is much more difficult for your body to work with. focus on chewing more and eating slower!;

and a poor mental attitude - you know it. when you are down in the dumps and don't have a good attitude, it takes a toll on your body. Your body LISTENS to you. That's right. If you keep telling yourself you are sick, you will be sick (hypochondriacs). There is much power in words.

So, those are the things that stress our bodies, here is the order in which the stresses begin to affect parts of our body:

1. The digestive system is initially affected

2. The colon is affected by the undigested food and becomes toxic.

3. The liver and gallbladder are the first to be affected by the toxic colon.

4. The kidneys and bladder are then affected.

5. The lungs are toxified by kidney weakness.

6. The circulation is next to be affected.

7. The heart and spleen are then affected.

8. The muscles and soft tissue are next to be affected.

9. The spine is then affected.

10. The brain and nerves are then affected.

11. The endocrine glands are last to be affected.

12. To be about restoration, the body heals in the reverse order of the above.

So if these stresses are not dealt with - they can kill you. Seriously. Any questions?


Julie said...

This was a shorter one, was it not? I just wanted to note that I have mentioned the whole "mirowaved foods" thing a few times. I do not know the whole extent of it yet so I don't want to even try and explain without the whole story. But, I know that it is intended to be described in my next class. So, stay tuned for right after Valentine's Day - I'm talking about microwaves!! =]

kim said...

I believe this is the reason I started having my fibromyalgia symptoms. Two years ago when I had my last really bad flare up, I found a book that among other things addressed the adrenal glands and how they can become overworked from stress, etc. I think this is the crux of what happened with me. The first thing I did was take supplements to support that area. As well as taking other vitamins and supplements. What a difference these things have made for me. Now if I can just really change the way I eat and what I eat, etc. It's really good that you are learning all of this at such a young age. I am looking forward (sort of) to the microwave story. You know, how you look through your fingers at a scary movie that you want to see but are afraid to totally take it in.

Chuck Persimmons said...

This is all very overwhelming. I start drinking 64 ounces of water a day and then you tell me it should be 100. I start trying to drink 100 ounces of water a day and now I need to spread it out over 8 hours. Ugh! I should have stuck with my initial strategy of letting myself go!

Anonymous said...

Chuck you need to get a grip..

Julie said...

Oh geez dave. It's all a process. Keep going with your 64 ounces and deal with that. Then add 10 ounces or so every other week until you get to where you need to be. And yes, spread it out for sure! That is a really important piece of info because if you don't then the amount of water will be useless. It takes time, so give yourself time. And whoever anonymous is, they are right, get a grip! haha. Our professor is giving us 4 years to change - don't expect it to happen today. Take the time to make it right - however long it takes.

Gwyn said...

ah yes, so that explains why people either or constipated or have diarrhea when they are nervous / stressed!

what other food combinations aren't good? (besides fruit and carbs?)

AND when are we hanging out.

Julie said...

Well Gwyn, I'm coming over tomorrow! And as for food combos, I will have to inform you of that after my nutrition class. She throws out little tidbits like that but says "We'll get to that later" - little teasers!

Jason said...

What does not drinking any water at all do to you? I have such a hard time drinking water, i usually 99% of the time drink pop.

Barbie Chiu said...

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