Saturday, March 19, 2011

To Eat, Or Not To Eat?

I used to be a vegetarian. For about 2 years I ate no meat. My reasoning behind this was completely health related. Whenever I ate meat I dealt with severe indigestion which was just not worth it. During this time, I had to deal with my anemia and I craved beef to give me the iron I was lacking. At first I found iron in other sources, but I eventually got lazy. I'll be honest, living the vegetarian lifestyle is not easy - especially in college. All I wanted to do was give my body what it needed, but making a choice like that comes with certain setbacks. Obviously, it costs more to buy organic and healthy vegetarian options, and being away from my family at a university makes money not as readily available. All of these things combined made me slowly deter from my vegetarian lifestyle. I just realized not too long ago that I'm not a vegetarian anymore, while all along I thought I still was. I ate meat from time to time, but those times have become more frequent and I ignored the indigestion. It finally registered that I'm a meat eater. But I told myself, once I graduate from college it will be easier to cook and be creative with my meals. So although I'm failing now, I really want to be a vegetarian but I know that it will be easier when I have more time. I decided to wait until June. I was smacked in the face with reality when I met Jenna.

Jenna goes to the same college as I do and she is a vegan. Here I am excusing my failure at vegetarianism because of being a college student, and a 20 year-old shows me up by being a vegan. WOW was I challenged. I think too many times in life I make excuses for why I cannot do something, like eating as a healthy vegetarian. Jenna completely inspired me to seek out the real reasons for why I'm avoiding delving in and making such a commitment. I have not instantly become a vegan, but it is something I have always looked forward to for the future, but why does it have to be later?

So I leave you with this question, what are you avoiding doing because it seems "inconceivable"?

Check out if you want more information on being a vegan.

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Jenna said...

I think this means you should be vegetarian right now! :) I'm happy I could inspire you!