Friday, April 1, 2011

Caught in a dairy hangover

About 10 days ago I finally made the decision - I'm going vegan! The reality of it did not hit me until today approached so quickly.
April 1, 2011 - Day 1 as a vegan!
So I gorged myself on hungry howie's pizza and DQ last night, in preparation for this commitment of mine. That was a TERRIBLE idea, although it reminded me of why it is I'm doing this. I pooped so much after that and battled stomach pains all night and through today. I've pooped a lot today. It tastes so good, but dairy is NOT my friend. So today I woke up and really, it was not unlike any other day for me. I have not used regular milk since, well, probably 5 years ago or more. I have been using either soy or currently, almond milk. Tastes much better anyway. So I had Kashi cereal with almond milk, snacked on almonds, red pepper dipped in hummus, a PB&J and dinner brought a homemade stir fry! Broccoli, red pepper [I ate a whole red pepper in half a day!], bamboo shoots and lots of spices over brown rice! Gosh I love stir fry. So this day did not bring about any challenges in having to turn something down. My roommate and I will be watching a movie later but I have some oreos to snack on because, get this, oreos are vegan! Thanks Jenna for that tip :]

I'm not going to sit here and say that I feel so amazing from being a vegan because, well, 1) its been 21 hours and 2) I'm still feeling the effects of last night. It's like a dairy hangover. BUT, I am optimistic. Especially because of what I'm feeling from last night, I know that eventually my overall feeling can only be better. I'm excited to see where this healthier eating [minus the oreos] will take me. I feel like my journey to a natural life is continuing to expand and change, these are changes I welcome and enjoy.

If you have any vegan recipes, hints or thoughts, please share!
If all you have are negative comments, please do NOT share.
Thanks for joining me on my journey. What does yours look like?

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