Saturday, April 2, 2011

That Girl

Day 2 - 4/2/11
I don't plan on posting everyday, but I want to talk about the big things. There are two important things that happened today. First of all, I got to call myself a vegan for the first time in public. I was actually quite excited about it! I even turned to one of my friends and did a little "eeeeee!". It was really embarrassing to have to be "that girl" that has to ask about ingredients in EVERYTHING, but it's the nature of this process. As a result of my battery of questions, I got to call myself a vegan and it made it all better; I enjoyed that.

Secondly, I noticed something very interesting as I was running around downtown grand rapids. It was 7pm and I was not nearly wishing I was in my bed as I usually am at this time of day. This is a big deal, ya'll! I was literally running around the streets of grand rapids. Later in the evening I was in a large, open field dancing beneath the stars. I NEVER have energy at nighttime to do these things, yet today I did. I truly believe that even though its been only 48 hours, the lack of dairy and meat intake in those 48 hours has made a difference in my energy level. That made me proud to be giving my body what it needs. Here's to another successful day!

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Radiorobot said...

I got really excited when I started to tell people that I was a vegetarian. It's like you join some secret club I swear.

I was also amazed by suddenly how much energy I had when I first dropped meat out of my diet (I really don't eat that much dairy either). It's pretty fantastic. =)