Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm so Powerful

Day 19 - 4/19/11
It has been 11 days since my last entry, and that's because there has not been much to report. Things have been going the same as they were 11 days ago. I'm eating the same, feeling the same and pooping the same, woot! I've gotten in the groove of being a vegan and its working for me. I'm still desiring more variety though, but I'll get there.

There is one thing I noticed this weekend. My mom made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies which are my FAVORITE thing in the world. But, I couldn't eat them because they were made with eggs and butter. I noticed that due to this new label "vegan", my willpower has greatly increased. In the past whenever I would limit sweets in my diet, I would make excuses, telling myself that I could nibble on a little cookie or something because I ate a lot of vegetables. But because I'm a vegan, I had no option of nibbling on those cookies, no matter how tasty I knew they were. Its like my own personal wall to put up so I can't make rationalizations and convince myself to eat something. I do, however, need to learn to apply this willpower to oreos. They're just so dang good and so dang vegan.

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Gwyn said...

they are so good.... and i still can't believe their vegan, so weird! (but i do believe it, i read the ingredients!)