Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day Two

So day two is just about over for me here. The hunger pains were there, but very, very light today. This morning I had some cramping that was not too bad, but it was evident and irritating. I had a fear that I was coming upon that time of the month and wouldn't be able to do this during that. As far as I can tell, that is currently not the case. It was probably just my bowels trying to move.

Speaking of which, they haven't moved much today. I've had a few "rabbit turds" if you will, but no big movements. Kind of frustrating, I want it out!

The big thing today though is my mouth. It was feeling kind of mucusy and sticky earlier today. Then at one point I stuck out my tongue to look at it and noticed it was white. Now, from time to time tongues get white, but my whole tongue was a very bright white. I even just scrubbed my tongue (which I have never gotten in the habit of doing before bed, sadly) and it is still gross looking white. And even still, a white tongue is not healthy. They should be a pinkish color. It is like a residue on my tongue or something, really gross feeling. Then when I was driving back to school tonight, I noticed my teeth felt weird. The best way I can find to describe it is my mouth feels how it does after I eat a banana. I don't know if any of you experience this, but eating a banana makes my teeth feel kind of gritty and just gross. Guess my body is using any avenue to get rid of toxins. That is very true though, because my armpits smell funny at the end of this night. And my occasional farts have just been putrid and rotten-esque. Which normally they aren't THAT bad. Too much information? I hope not.

Then at youth group tonight I had a kid waving a pizza in my face. AND - we took the kids to Baskin Robbins for 31 cent scoop night. Honestly though, it didn't bother me to have about 20 people standing around me eating ice cream. And I really like ice cream!

One last thing, my sense of smell is very acute now. I was walking into the Target on Schoenherr and Hall Road and could smell food from Outback Steakhouse at least a football field away (and across the road). That was weird. But I find it nice smelling the foods. And it isn't hunger that makes me want foods, it's that I want to taste them!!

But, it's all in the name of cleaning out my body, and hopefully wiping away some fat reserves :]


Chuck Persimmons said...

Keeping up on your "rabbit turds" is exactly why I read this blog. Thank you.

I'd bet money that the person waving pizza in your face was Kevin.

Julie said...

Okay, maybe it was a bit much. But I'm just sharing my experience, being honest! Is that such a problem?!

Well, how much did you bet, because you lose. It was another kid just like him at church.

Gwyn said...

yes, i do remember that about the master cleanse....they even tell you before you do it that your tongue will be white ish and icky, but by the end it will be pink! =) no one will be making out with you, I guess!

Julie said...

thank god no one will be making out with me! ha