Sunday, February 17, 2008

Journey to Health

Hey everyone, I am verifying that we are going to be moving forward with our class this Saturday, February 23rd from 3pm-4pm at my house. I want to get a consistency to these, like every such and such a week on this day....but at this point I can't do that. So for now, just plan on this one Saturday but hopefully by next month we can get some stability with that.

I have decided to call my classes "Journey to Health". I guess that could be kind of corny, but I like it.

Here is the situation though, I have to have an attendance of 10 people, so please be sure to let me know if you are coming. I will still have the class if I don't have 10, but I would like 10. So, see if you can please do. We will discuss lots of things - cholesterol, microwaves, GMOs, water, etc. Maybe we will hit all those and more, maybe not. I will be "lecturing" on a lot of things - considering the requirement is to lecture for 1 hour, but we will do it in more of a discussion format. That is how I prefer it I suppose - getting you involved.

Let me know if you need my address. Thanks =]


Gwyn said...

i will be there! and so will dave - so that is 2! and, i will email lisa vanwyk and tell her b/c i had lunch w/ her yesterday and told her about it and she wants to come!!

Julie said...

Awesome, thanks! That would rock!

Kristin said...

Alright...I really really wish I could be there...but you know I can't :( Um also...I want to hear about your class!! I hope it went well! I got your facebook message and I'm going to update you in 2 seconds! Good luck with your class!