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The Optimal Blood TYPE AB Diet

This will conclude our oh so LONG discussion on the book "Eat Right For Your Type" by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo. But, if you have questions feel free to continue to ask.

If you care for the info, feel free to read. But since it is so long you may only want to read it unless you or someone you know is a TYPE AB. TYPE O & TYPE A & TYPE B were discussed in my previous posts. If you haven't checked it out in a few days, you should look the posts over because I have updated a lot.

The Skinny on a TYPE AB Person:
Modern Merging of A and B
Chameleon's Response to Changing Environmental and Dietary Conditions
Sensitive Digestive Tract
Overly Tolerant Immune System
Responds Best to Stress Spiritually, with Physical Verve and Creative Energy
An Evolutionary Mystery

This is the rarest and newest blood type - only about 2-5% of the population has this type. Thats why I debated even writing about it, but maybe one of you out there is an AB. If you are - please just leave a little comment and tell me, I want to meet an AB =] TYPE AB has qualities of TYPE A and TYPE B and neither. So in a lot of ways they will exhibit qualities of either type but sometimes have completely new qualities. Every blood type diet takes careful consideration and attention to food labels, but this one probably the most.

Red Meat - poorly digested (because ABs have the small amount of stomach acid that As have, but Bs adaptation to meat. That creates a bad mix when meat is consumed - it is just stored as fat), stored as fat, toxifies intestinal tract
Kidney Beans - inhibits insulin efficiency, causes hypoglycemia, slows metabolic rate
Lima Beans - inhibits insulin efficiency, causes hypoglycemia, slows metabolic rate
Seeds - causes hypoglycemia
Corn - inhibits insulin efficiency
Buckwheat - causes hypoglycemia
Wheat - decreases metabolism, inefficient use of calories, inhibits insulin efficiency

Tofu - promotes metabolic efficiency
Seafood - promotes metabolic efficiency
Dairy - improves insulin production
Green Vegetables - improves metabolic efficiency
Kelp - improves insulin production
Pineapple - aids digestion, stimulates intestinal mobility

"Like Type A, you do not produce enough stomach acid to effectively digest too much animal protein. Yet, the key for you is portion size and frequency. Type ABs need some meat protein, especially the kinds of meat that represent your B-like heritage - lamb, mutton, rabbit, and turkey, instead of beef. The lectin that irritates the blood and digestive tracts of Type Bs has the same effect on you, so stay away from chicken. Also avoid all smoked or cured meats. These foods can cause stomach cancer in people with low levels of stomach acid, the trait you share with Type As."

Bacon, Beef, Buffalo, Chicken, Cornish Hens, Duck, Goose, Ham, Heart, Partridge, Pork, Veal, Venison, Quail

Highly Beneficial:
Cod, Grouper, Hake, Mackerel, MahiMahi, Monkfish, Ocean Perch, Pickerel, Pike Porgy, Rainbow Trout, Red Snapper, Sailfish, Sardine, Sea Trout, Shad, Snail, Sturgeon, Tuna

Anchovy, Barracuda, Beluga, Bluegill Bass, Clam, Conch, Crab, Crayfish, Eel, Flounder, Frog, Haddock, Halibut, Herring, Lobster, Lox, Octopus, Oysters, Sea Bass, Shrimp, Sole, Striped Bass, Turtle, Yellowtail

You people are lucky - you can easily digest dairy foods, so enjoy! The only thing to watch for is the whole mucus thing - just like TYPE As, TYPE ABs are overproducers of mucus and dairy encourages more mucus production. So watch out for that.

Highly Beneficial:
Cottage Cheese, Farmer, Feta, Goat Cheese, Goat Milk, Kefir, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Non-fat Sour Cream, Yogurt

American cheese (I see a trend here, looks like that is good for no one!), Blue Cheese, Brie, Butter, Buttermilk, Camembert, Ice Cream, Parmesan, Provolone, Sherbet, Whole Milk

Highly Beneficial:
Olive Oil

Corn Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Sesame Oil, Sunflower Oil

"Eat them in small amounts and with caution. Although they can be a good supplementary protein source, all seeds contain the insulin-inhibiting lectins that make them a problem for Type Bs. On the other hand, you share the Type A preference for peanuts, which are powerful immune boosters. Type ABs also tend to suffer from gallbladder problems, so nut butters are preferable to whole nuts."

Highly Beneficial:
Chestnuts, Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Walnuts

Filberts, Poppy Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Butter (tahini), Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Butter, Sunflower Seeds

Highly Beneficial:
Navy, Pinto, Red and Soy Beans, Green Lentils

Aduke, Azuki, Black, Fava, Garbanzo, Kidney and Lima Beans, Black-eyed Peas

"Generally, you do well on grains, even wheat, but need to limit your wheat consumption because the inner kernel of the wheat grain is highly acid forming for Type ABs. Wheat is also not advised if you are trying to lose weight....You'll have to experiment for yourself to determine how much wheat you can eat."

Highly Beneficial:
Millet, Oat Bran, Oatmeal, Rice Bran, Puffed Rice, Ryeberry, Spelt

Buckwheat, Cornflakes, Cornmeal, Kamut, Kasha

Highly Beneficial:
Brown Rice Bread, Essene Bread, Ezekiel Bread, Fin Crisp, Millet, Rice Cakes, 100% Rye Bread, Rye Crisps, Rye Vita, Soy Flour Bread, Sprouted Wheat Bread, Wasa Bread

Corn Muffins

"Type AB benefits from a diet rich in rice rather than pasta, although you may have semolina or spinach pasta once or twice a week."

Highly Beneficial:
Oat Flour, Rice Flour, Rye Flour, Sprouted Wheat Flour, Basmati Rice, Brown Rice, White Rice, Wild Rice

Buckwheat kasha, Barley Flour, Artichoke Pasta, Soba Noodles

"Fresh vegetables are an important source of phytochemicals, the natural substances in foods that have a tonic effect in cancer and heart disease prevention - diseases that afflict Type As and Type ABs more often as a result of weaker immune systems."

Artichoke, Avocado, Corn, Lima Beans, Black Olives, All Peppers, Radishes, Mung Sprouts, Radish Sprouts

Bananas, Coconuts, Guava, Mangoes, Oranges, Persimmons, Pomegranates, Prickly Pears, Rhubarb, Starfruit

An interesting recommendation -
"Type AB should begin each day by drinking a glass of warm water with the freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon to cleanse the system of mucus accumulated while sleeping. The lemon water also aids elimination."

Highly Beneficial:
Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, Black Cherry, Cranberry, Grape, Papaya


Allspice, Almond Extract, Anise, Barley Malt, Capers, Cornstarch, Corn Syrup, Gelatin, Pepper of all kinds, Tapioca, Vinegar - only white

Ketchup, Pickles of all kinds, Relish, Worcestershire Sauce

Highly Beneficial:
Coffee - Regular and Decaf, Green Tea

Liquor, Soda of all kinds, Black Tea - regular and decaf

There are exercise and supplement recommendations as well. If you are an AB and want that, give me your email address and I will email it to you! Remember that if a certain food in a food group is not listed, that means it is neutral to your body. Does no harm but does not have highly beneficial qualities. But don't not eat neutral foods! You need a balance so you have to eat the highly beneficials and neutrals. Don't let this scare you! Start at one place and go from there. It takes time and don't expect change to be immediate! =]


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**Kathryn Joy** said...

I'm AB! Woot Woot!
First question.... What is an overly tolerant immune system?
Second question.... My doctor told me to eat lots of red meat because I am (exuse my spelling)anemic. He said red meat would raise my iron. He won't let me give blood again til I can raise my iron levels. If I am to avoid red meat because it is bad for AB+ blood, then how do you suggest I raise my iron?
Thirdly.... I am so happy that I could allow you to have finally met an AB+ person. Didn't know it was so special.

travelgirlee said...

I am AB+ and have been trying to have a baby for two years. I have just started the in vitro process and have been getting acupuncture for the last three months. My acupuncturist recommended the book about your blood type. I have a great immune system (plus I am around sick people all the time) but lately I have been having stomach aches. I am a big fan of dairy but SOMETIMES when I eat eggs I feel like vomitting. I try to eat red meat sparingly but eat chicken nearly every day in some form as my source of protein. Any recommendations for a diet to help get my body ready for this huge process I will be going through next month?

Julie said...

Well thankfully, you are well equipped to handle the dairy for the most part, so that's good right? I guess I would recommend getting the book for sure. It is not too expensive on They also have small books that summarize what is good and what is not for ABs. Something like that may be more helpful at this time. Typically I would say that it needs to be a slow process in order to change your diet, but it seems like for this situation you need to make some changes fast. So, stick to the appropriate AB diet as best you can. Take out meat completely, significantly increase vegetable intake - preferably raw, add some seafood (be careful of the source), go with the highly beneficial grains like oat or rice flour and you can still eat dairy, but be cautious. Those are some immediate changes I would make and then slowly do the rest. Thanks for checking out my blog! =]

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,,

I'm AB blood type.. thank you so much for your info 'bout the AB diet.. Husshh... I normally eat watever I want 'bout till i found this info, I better reduce and control my daily food I eat.. hohoho...

yeah.. julie wat kind of exercise and supplement i shud do or eat? my email address is

once again thanks for your information..

Sandy Bigara said...

i'm AB+ from Durban South Africa... thanks for the post. I have been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully and tonight I met a gorgeous slim lady who told me that four months ago she weighed 160kgs! she's 64kg now. All thanks to the eat right for your blood type diet.

amazing. please email me the exercise


Sands x

DJ said...

Hey Julie! On Friday, I've learned that I'm AB+ and it wasn't until this morning that I woke up wondering what that meant. Google sent me straight to you. Thanks for the information. I can finally take better care of myself. Thanks for being kind and loving by sharing this information with the 2-5% of us who are probably walking around with malnutrition. You're awesome! (hi*five!)

Trish said...

I am an AB+

bssboys said...

Hi Julie,
I am AB+, but no matter whatever i eat i gain a lot of weight, in past 8 months i have gained almost 14 Kgs now i am 84 Kgs. I do an intense 15 minutes exercise everyday as well. Earlier i was going to gym for 3 hours everyday for controling my weight that's how i got it stick to 70 Kgs for 2 years, but now i cannot afford it. I really want to lose weight. Please,Please,Please help me.

bssboys said...

Hi Julie,
I am AB+, but no matter whatever i eat i gain a lot of weight, in past 8 months i have gained almost 14 Kgs now i am 84 Kgs. I do an intense 15 minutes exercise everyday as well. Earlier i was going to gym for 3 hours everyday for controling my weight that's how i got it stick to 70 Kgs for 2 years, but now i cannot afford it. I really want to lose weight. Please,Please,Please help me.

Belle said...

I'm an AB, and I stumbled upon this site because I was looking for a reason for my stomachaches. This seems pretty helpful (even though I'm not looking for a diet to lose weight), so I'll keep it in mind when I'm eating!

Anonymous said...

I am also AB+. I found the site because I too am having stomachaches whenever I drink red wine. Even one glass. I feel awful.

lubna said...

hey im AB+..thankx alot for ur info on dis rare BLood type...highly appreciated!!!!!

Nica said...
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Anonymous said...

AB+ from singapore here! (:
thanks for your post, definitely an interesting read.

Lili said...

I just found out I am AB+ and I am allergic to all Dairy, Wheat, nuts and gluten foods. I also have lupus a weak adrenal gland and Thyriod disorder also Diabetes and high cholestral. I'm not over weight but careful not to get there. I'm looking for a good diet that suits me and my blood type needs. If you have any suggestions, that would be great!

Anna said...

I'm AB+ from Durango Colorado!! I'm preggers and just found out my blood type. I'm a very picky eater and now I know why. I have the WORST allergies and can't get rid of the snot monster. Thanks for your site!!

Carrie said...

I am AB+ and found your info helpful. I am going to try to stick to the diet. It is funny a lot of the things you mention not to eat, I don't usally don't eat beacuse I don't like them or I noticed that my body doesn't respond well to thoses foods. Pork is gonna be hard for me to quit all together, but I love seafood, was a also sad to see oysters and crab on the list. My email is if you have more info for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I am AB+, love dairy and love fish, however I am confused in the first part it said Seafood is good for me, and encourages weight loss, I love seafood, in the second part it said to avoid it...thanks, Graziella

Anonymous said...

I'm AB+ and have had a difficult time with dairy throughout my childhood and still sometimes today. I feel that I have a strong immune system. The part about corn is interesting. hmmm, I really want to learn more. I've been eating what I like but think I'll pay more attention. Thanks for putting some info out there.

Karla T. said...

I just learned about this today. Food confuses me so, but I am trying to lose weight and get healthy. I am AB+ and I really appreciate your info. Please send me the additional stuff on exercise!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interesting info!
I'd really appreciate if you could email me the additional excercise info for AB+'s. My eamil is


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am AB+ blood type, been decades since had flu, no flu shots. I recentlt went from 250 to 180...Drank 1/2 gallon of water a day. I use strider from sharper image, 30 minutes a day, 3 times aweek. It is water. during ist weeks of water, just drink, every time you urinate, this will stabilize the water weight, and you will get used to water... then drink (at least) 1/2 gallon WATER a day. it works. Read symptoms of thirst. google it. u may email me good luck

Aya said...


Interesting post. Very educational.
I'm AB too. Do you mind emailing the type of exercise for AB blood type to me?

My email is

Thanks a bunch!!!

Secondly, I'm trying to lose weight. But can I add Wheat bran into my food/drink for my fiber intake?

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie...
Im a AB+ . Please forward more info at

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie,

whheew what a relief. I am AB+ and had no idea about the special diet. All these years I was just listening to my body, like if I eat oranges I get tummy ache. If I eat white bread which is basically made of wheat I get sour tummy. I don't drink any kind of Soda as it gives me acidic tummy. Mangoes does the same to me. I do love pineapples and kiwis. I am so happy that I stumble into your blog or else I would never understand myself this way faster. My family think am too sensitive. Again, thanks a lot, now I know that I am pretty normal after all.

best regards,

Anonymous said...

I am AB+. I do get an upset stomach often. I cannot drink milk, or eat much ice cream, sour cream etc. I get a very upset stomach from dairy. I am constantly "clearing my throat". One time someone suggested the problem wasn't the dairy, but it was the protein in the milk products that were causing my upset stomach?

Anonymous said...

I am AB+ :3

Chana Pinto said...

I'm also AB+, and it didn't mean much to me until about 6 months ago, when I just wasn't feeling well- pretty much all the time. I had a high Alkaline phosphotase level for almost two years and every liver test came back inconclusive. After 6 kids I had an extra 40 lbs on me that wouldn't go away. After exercising with a trainer and running for a full year (I was able to run a 10 km race, though my time wasn't that good) I had lost about 10 lbs but I felt horrible! My trainer was the one who recommended a naturopath, who subsequently put me on the blood type diet. After suffering through the first very strict 6 weeks, I started to actually feel a lot better! After 3 months I had lost 12 more lbs, but strangely enough, my Alkp level went back to normal- after 2 years of being high! I can only attribute this to my diet, bc I had started working out way before, with no change in the levels. Now, 5 months later, I feel so much better on a day to day basis. My weight has plateaued somewhat, and my naturopath suggests I jump start the process again by going back to the first 6 weeks diet- the ultra strict part. I'm hesitant to do that again, bc I hated it, but I may give it a go again- after the Jewish holidays are over!!!!
By the way, I never thought I could be a "vegetarian" (though I never call myself that)- but I like it- and I've learned to LOve love love salmon!
Any pointers for me would certainly be appreciated!

Anonymous said...

just leaving a comment letting you know that im AB+ blood type and thanks for posting this cuz we're so rare! i love this info!

Joanna said...

I'm another one that's AB+. I'd be interested in the supplement and exercise recommendations if you are stilling to share. "jtcfernandes(at)". Thanks! :)

natasha rin said...

hi im ab+ too phew! send me all the information about my blood type pls i need to loose another 8kg..will appreciate that, from malaysia kuala lumpur


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

I'm an AB+ and would love to hear any other info that you have for our blood type. I find all of this incredibly fascinating, and am completely new to these studies.

Thanks for your post and hope to hear from you soon!!


jpbaldwin said...

Thanks for the information. I'd like to leave my e-mail, but afraid of spammers getting it. oh well, it's:

ckennedy311 said...

I am AB+ as well. I think it was weird to see that you put Avoid shellfish because I became allergic in 2006 and am 33 and I produce a lot of mucus (ALLERGIES) as you said. I also have eosinophilic esophagitis and I don't digest icecream, whole milk, or popcorn well (bad gas after eating).

Anonymous said...

Well.. I am AB+

Anonymous said...

I am AB+

Anonymous said...

I am AB+ please send information

Anonymous said...

hi julie,

Thank u so much for the information...pls let me know wat kind of exercise or supplement should i do n eat ? e-mail me at


BetseYWings said...

trying to figur out best diet, because I am vegan too,
so it is pretty difficult to make daily rutine with a food and what to eat...

Anonymous said...

I am AB+ too! I am a busy Mum of 2and a teacher and can't seem to shift any weight. I love my food and hate to exercise, but I need to do something to help boost my energy levels.
Please send me your excercise routine.
Many thanks E x

Anonymous said...

Hi there, another AB+ who has Sjogrens, Lupus, Diabetes type II,
and Coeliac Disease with low iron levels and B12 deficiency plus afew other nasties. Since going gluten free 3 years ago I have put on weight :( I shall try some of your ideas re AB+ diet hints.

marlon said...

hey... im AB+ from Jamaica. i just want to know the exercises.. i find that my body really adapts quickly to muscle building or weight loss though which i think is really good. would just like some tips tho.. thanks in

natasha rin said...

hi will love to know the exercise that is good for me...mail me pls thx

Anonymous said...

AB+ too. My email is

regina said...

Hey there, I hope you are well in your personal affairs. I am saddened because I am an AB+ and just about everything on the avoid list is what I like to eat!

I am concerned mostly about the recommendations to eat lots of seafood. I read an article that said that most of our seafood is contaminated with mercury and other nasties; even the farmed ones have nasties! Also, I am intolerant to soy products (they make me vomit).

But the most damning thing is that I cannot eat raw veggies because I have oral allergy syndrome.


Staci said...

I am AB+ and would like the info on types of excercises.
Interesing stuff - as the new year begins, maybe to will be born a new me!

Anonymous said...

I am AB+ and would like you to please send me the additional info. Email. I am allergic to most all Raw fruits and veggies though can eat most when cooked.
I really appreciate all the info Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

hi my name is david.
i am an ab+ type. I have indeed frequent digestive problems. ALl tests came back normal. Ihave been on pepcid. I really qould like an email with more advice.

thomas said...


i'm AB+ and i feel fantastic! I can take blood off anybody; but i suppose i have to ask their permission first :-P Ive been wondering does the whole Twilight / New Moon thing ever go into detail about what kinds of blood are the tastiest, which are better, etc? it would be interesting to find out. I'm living in Ireland where only something like 3% of the population have AB+ so i feel very priviledged and special. its like having a super power. "The Boy with the ability to handle dairy products" haha

Drea96706 said...

I'm an AB+ just found out today! Whoop whoop to all the ABs out there all the way from Hawaii. - Drea

Egg Man said...

I've order the book discussed here as well as cooking for your type. I'm AB+

raakshit said...

My bloodtype is AB+
please send me the list of exercise and benificialfood and avoidable foods.

M said...

thanks for all the info.

Can you please email me the exercise info?

s said...

Hey girl thanks so much for the post. could you please email me more info about the ab diet plan, supplements, exercises ect. Thanks, Sarah.

Lauren Charisma said...

I'm AB+!
Mom of twin preschool girls and a toddler girl!
please email me at

Anonymous said...

Hi name is also Julie (living in Washington, DC). :)

Thanks for posting this info, it's so interesting! I like how it lists that us AB+'ers benefit from using spiritual/creative energy to combat sickness. I'm a massage therapist and professional dancer so I definitely find it applicable. I'm also in love with rice ever since I was little and I'm really not a very picky eater but I'm sad about chicken! I have horrible allergies (hayfever, animal dander, etc.) so the mucus issue makes sense! I'm very active already but if you could send me more details on exercise, I would appreciate it!

Thanks doll!

cristalbowl said...

hello and bravo. may I have the exercise info, please?
matthew ab+

sonja said...

i'm ab+ please send me all the information on my blood type thanks

Anonymous said...

hello to all my fellow AB+ blood type havers lol. from the time i knew i had AB+ blood i have known that it was very rare, but how about my dad has the same blood =) and over my life i have personally met about 5 or 6 others with AB+ i live in the VIRGIN ISLANDS and for as rare as we are im glad to know ive met soo many others with this same blood type.

BTW thank you for typing this up i hope it is beneficial to my weight loss

Anonymous said...

hi can u please send me the exercise and supplements beneficial for AB+ folks like

I'm not melting said...

Hello Julie,

Thanks for the info!! All my life I have been able to eat what I want and not gain weight.....but I somehow turned a corner and have gained 70+ lbs in 10 years!! I have been trying to loose the weight by cutting my caloric intake but the weight seems to be holding on for dear life....won't leave!! HELP, would you email the exercises...thanks!!

Anonymous said...

hi i have a few more questions about this topic. my 2yr old son is ab+ and has extreme eczema where his skin actually will burst open and bleed. his dermatologist changed his diet to no dairy, no red meat, and no fruits or veggies containing citrus. my question is what can my child eat because foods allowed for his blood type or not allowed because of his eczema? someone please help i'm having a very difficult time.

kylie said...

I'm AB+. Want to email me more?

jack said...

im ab+ male allegic to GARLIC, ONIONS, GINGER watch out for food allergys we are very special breed call me if you like jack 484 524-5054 greetings *

jack said...

hiiiiii im ab+ 46 male seeks an ab+ female soul mate im in pa if we can make this happen its magik at its best 484 524-5054

bakhu said...

hi i m bakhu from india. i m ab+ too. i have very low humoglobine how i incrase.sometime my head moves some seconds...blood pressure,blood suger is normal.. also pls what i eat and not eat ..plz give long explain..i m waiting answer on my e mail,

Mark said...

Hi There,

I'm an AB+ blood type. Are you able to email more details you have, exercise etc?

Have you completed your studies yet? What are your views on Type AB+ people that crave certain foods that are listed as 'bad'?


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Im AB+ from Johannesburg, South Africa. I now understand why I didint like those other foods. My email address is, please send me exercises that I can do, need too lose 24 Kg in the next 2 months. I am currently taking Biogen Phenadrine Xtra,omega 3, anti-oxidants and magnesium supplements. Will try to avoid chicken :(!

Diane Ciulla said...

Hello, I am a type AB+. I would like to receive any other information that you can share with me. I have struggled with my weight the majority of my life an I am sick of it. Please help.

Mandy said...

I am AB+ as well from Chicago and would really like some information please. My email address is

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I am another AB person! Thankyou so much for writing this article. I realise you wrote it a while ago but i have only recently become interested in the blood type diet.
Could you please send me more information on my blood type including the exercise and supplement recommendations?
My email address is
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I am AB+ from Bundaberg Queensland. I have a husband who is a fisherman and so eat lots of fish. Could you send me any additional details. Thanks

javier said...

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Sammy said...

I would love for you to send me the information on workouts ect for my blood type. My mom told me all about eating for my blood type, and i'm hoping that it will not only keep me healthier but also help me loose weight! What is your email address?

Mary Little said...

I am an AB+ also. This was a great article! I actually looked at the Blood Type Diet years ago but frankly was not willing to give up meat and chicken until 6 weeks ago. I landed in the emergency room this week for a blood transfusion due to anemia. My acupuncturist suggests elk in addition to your suggestions - will that work?

Anonymous said...

Now I am more confused then ever. I am AB+. I have sever gastrol problems and gastropresis. I already avoid all gluten. Now it says I have to avoid Avocados? My diet is so regimented already, and I have been sick for so many years. My trainer wants me to eat based on my blood type, but now everything I can eat, I can't eat by my blood type. Please if you can email me. The chicken got me also. I only eat Fish and Foul, now what do I do. I also suffer from an anxiety disorder that is directly connected to my digestion of foods. Please help. Vera email is

Anonymous said...

Im also AB+. Pls send it.

Pat said...

HI I am an AB+ and my new naturopath recently recommended that I eat right for my type. I have not eaten wheat for years because After and elimination diet I realized that I felt better and had less mucous without it as did my son. We substituted buck wheat, millet, rice amaranth and quinoa. But weight loss is a bugaboo as is constant mucous production. And in the last 2 year my digestive system has just about quit. So I sought her out and some herbs and this diet were her suggestion. I balked at no chicken. We raise pasture raised no hormone , antibiotic free chicken and pork! but also lamb and rabbit so I will have access to some clean meats. YAH!!!
So today's question is what about eggs? Should I eat our chicken eggs?
BTW, I ate chicken one night as I did not have time of energy to fix a separate meat for myself and it did cause a lot of mucous the next morning! Oh Boy!
Well for now I am giving it a try.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I am AB+ in Qld, Australia, my father and I have nose bleeds alot and therefore get anemic, what food is best to raise iron? Also can you please provide me with the exercise,suppliment regime you mentioned to Thanks so much

Jasbuddhina said...

I am also an AB+

Adel said...

Adel from Durban, South Africa. I have been gradually gaining weight and thought I would research eating for my blood type (AB+).

Please will you send me the exercise programme as I would like to incorporate that too. My email address is

Thank you very much for your extremely interesting article!!

Vanessa said...

I am AB+ and would love to receive any information you may like to share about our blood type, diet, etc. Thank you.

EVB said...

Hello and thank you.
I am AB+ and I just found that out. Over the past few years I have been eliminating foods, experimenting, cleansing etc. I have determined that gluten is my worst enemy. I had a hyperthyroid attack many years ago and am now in remission, however, at times I have anxiety attacks, depression and weakness and slowly I am sorting out things and finding out what foods are best. We live in Mexico now but I am originally from Holland. I was raised on lots of bread, potatoes, red meat and flour based sweets. Horrible! I do very well on red meat or so it seems and we eat nixtamal (real home made corn tortillas) daily and since we have, I have lost 20 pounds. I have always been thin until a few years ago when we began to eat a lot of avocados! Oh my, this is so interesting. I am going to really search out more info. Thank you so much for your generosity and you are welcome to contact me. I have a website with a contact form
Love and light

Phebejane said...

I am an AB+! I think the biggest challenges for me will be cutting out Beef, Chicken, Duck, Pork, Shellfish, Anchovy, Octopus, Seeds, Avocado, Capers, Black Olives, Bell Peppers, Mangoes, Bananas - ALL FOODS THAT I LOVE!

Also, it says that I should tolerate dairy quite well, but when it comes to milk, I quite often feel sick after having a large milky coffee etc, so I have been drinking soy milk lately - and quite enjoying it - any recommendations here? (I have no obvious problems with cheese/yoghurts etc...)

If you could please forward any further info to that'd be great! I am looking to shift a few extra kilos so any exercise advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks <3

Anonymous said...

AB+ Here.

Erin L. Delaney said...

This is wonderful! The only concern I have is that I am allergic to shellfish and seafood is one of the things ABs should eat.

Also, I'm AB+ and am surprised to find many food on this list that I already love to eat! Funny how that works out that way.

I'd love to see exercise recommendations. I just had a baby and am looking to get back to little ole me again!


The Official Blog of Rholu D. Augusto said...

Hello I just recently knew that I'm an AB+ and I am glad this blood existed 2000 years ago hehe. But I'm a Filipino, from a Chinese and Spanish Ancestry lol.

gaultfalcon said...

I am AB+. I have had great success in weight loss using a zone like (I don't weigh my food) diet. 30% carbs (the good ones), 30% protein (mostly grass fed beef and organic chicken) and 40% fats (avocado, peanut butter, cashew nuts). I also take about 5 grams of (mercury free) fish oil (Innate Choice) each day.

From an exercise perspective I have done crossfit for two and a half years but I dropped the weight before I started crossfit using just the zone like diet.


Age: 43 (started diet at 39)
Weigh: 180 (down from 201)
Body fat %: 8-9% (down from 26%)
Height: 6'
Blood Type: AB+

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am type AB+ and would love the extra information! My email is Thanks for the great info!

Mae-sa said...

I just heard about eating for your type and just assumed I was O+ like my sister, but I just learned I am in the special catagory of AB+! I feel like Sookie Stackhouse :) (True Blood fans will know what I mean!)
I have fought with my weight my whole life and had a LOT of misconceptions about what was good for me. I am glad I can have my rice and get rid of wheat bread! I will sure miss my chicken and pickles though :(
Please send me the work-out tips when you get a chance. Thanks so much for the informative post!

Jennifer said...

Hi I'm Jennifer from Malta:) I am AB+, great site now i learnt that we are a rare type of blood my favorite food are all that I should avoid, I ve been trying several diets with no sucess now i'm going to try eating for my type pls could you be so kind and send me the exercises


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a Julie, too, and I am AB-. My sister is also AB-! Guess we are a couple of rare ones, huh?

I found your site as I was doing research on diets. I'm finding that, the older I get (I'll be 45), the more sensitive I am to foods, as evidenced by my digestive systems adverse reaction. I can no longer eat peas, beans, corn, tomatoes and, I'm beginning to suspect, chicken, without having problems the next day...if you know what I mean! I've decided I need to figure out what I can and can't eat and change my diet, accordingly. Of course, having a family where there is type 0, A, and B makes it all the more challenging, if I adhere to the blood type diet, but I'm going to have to see what I can do!

Thank you for the information!

Anonymous said...
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Lyndiloo said...

Please can you send me more info regarding diet, as I have been battling with weight gain nd tummy problems for years.. I am also AB+ and would like to change my way of eating..

Jo said...

Hi Julie,

I am an AB+ type. Thanks for the post. I found out about eating right for your type about 3 years ago from my sister. I tested the validity of eating based on blood type by taking oranges out of my diet for two weeks. I chose oranges because most of my life orange juice was my beverage of choice. I drank orange juice every day! After the two weeks past I drank one glass of orange juice and it took two days for me to recover. My stomach churned and I felt as though I had acid reflux. About a year latet I tried about two tablespoons (just a last try - I missed my OJ!) and got sick again! OJ is gone forever.

I have really focused on eating turkey and lamb. I substitute turkey in recipes that require chicken. I've been eating in more just to watch my intake. Looking to lose weight.

One question: what are the best foods and exercise to combat artheritis and fat in the stomach area?

Could you please email me the exercise info? Thanks again!

Cortney said...

Hi, AB+ here and I'm pregnant... 16 weeks along and i've already gained 20 lbs. Is there a diet I can do while I'm expecting so I don't gain too much? Please help!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie-

I am also AB+ and just learned about eating or my blood type from a friend who's studying chinese medicine. Just checking out your site, this is definately something I would like to know more about. I have a high thyroid count, so I 'm wondering if eating differently will help that at all.
Anything you can forward me on your exercise regime or vitamins to take as well, would be greatly appreciated. My email is

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hello madam
I am a student(M),my age is 20 years.
I am also AB+ positive.I never liked rice and mostly been dependent on wheat.I am a Vegetarian,though I eat egg sometimes(but I think that it does not suit me).I am very happy to find such useful information on your blog,I heartily thank you for that.

Problem-From the past three years I am facing acne and dandruff and even found my scalp quite dry in these winters,even I am having some gas problem with my stomach these days.

My hemoglobin was 15.5 in 2008 and 15.8 in 2009,and I feel it is good even now but haven't got it checked,my weight varies from (55-58)kgs. and my height is 5'5"

I would really be grateful to you if you can help me out of the above mentioned Problems and provide me with the exercises suitable.

My e-mail id is

Anonymous said...

I also belong to the blood group AB and so is my husband. I have battled with a weight problem for many years and also have a high insulin resistance level. Please share any diet information that can assist with lowering my insulin levels.

Anonymous said...

Hello doc, i found my blood group today & it is AB+

I m 22 yrs & weighs only 51kg.
My height is 180cm & i belong to India.

i want to gain weight at any cost.
pls help me out
my email id is: ""

Anonymous said...

hey there. i am a "surprise surprise" AB+(Rh) blood type. i like the thought of being a universal receiver! also. i must have inherited one hell of a metabolism because i eat whatever i want and dont gain weight. if i try really hard i can gain a bit. mostly just stay around 65 (im basically 6 foot tall) jalepenos give me tummy burn but i love them. too much dairy can make me feel a bit sicky. i am allergic to alcohol though. which is a bit of a bummer. never thought it would have anything to do with my blood type tho.
i noticed on your DONT eat lists lots of my favourite things! but i might try to limit them. i did a live food diet a few years ago. it was amazing learning about what and how certain foods make you feel. i recommend a moderated version for short periods to anyone interested.!
thanks. nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Hi!.I'm AB+ also. Would love to get information on excercise for our blood type.E-mail

neesa said...

Hello dear,
I'm of AB+ .
I want to lose weight in this 2 months but nothing really works. so, wish you could share me the tips

Ariel Levin said...

Hi There
I'm type ab+
Just found out
will give this a try for a few months but I do see challenges as I live in the Mediterranean and love chickpeas, tahini, avocado and other non recommended foods like beef - fish & turkey is not always availble everywhere either...

Anonymous said...

I'm AB+ from Ontario Canada!!! YAY!! My first comment would be to say please donate blood, whatever your type. Many people require blood in life threatening and non-life threatening situations! It's the one gift I donate every 56 days and more consistently now that I know my blood type.

As far as diet is concerned I eat like a bird but when I do eat it mainly consists of raw vegetables, whole grains eggs and small amounts of meat. Unfortunately I am lactose intolerant which means I avoid dairy at all possible costs. (Soy is a good alternative!)

I was just wondering if there are specific vitamins AB + people should take in addition to the general vitamins. Are there specific types of exercise that benefit AB's over other types?

Anonymous said...

I am AB+ and I am a vegetarian (I do however eat fish, eggs, and dairy) And honestly I followed this diet before I even read about it...I just followed what foods I though tasted good and made me feel more energetic...

Anonymous said...

i m ab+.contrary to what i have read about ab+ .. i have problem of high stomach acid..fir it i do running in morning..i wanna gain weight ..i have tried so many things but all have failed..when i try something new like eating high fat food to gain weight initially it pays good.but after sometimes it does not work. it has happen many age is height is 5 feet 5 inches..but my weight is 49 kg..if anyone can answer me or can help me mail me at

JΣΣƬ D-Λ-Ƨ said...

Hello there, Great post,i am another guy who's blood group is AB+. I was very thin before 2 years ago. for that i started exercising and now i have good health and my skin color has been also changed but my face color is unchanged. which i don't like at all. another problem is i want to gain some muscle as well. so for that what kind of exercise and dieting plan i need to follow please send me to my email:

Thank you...

imad uddin kaka khel said...

i am the guy too!!! AB+ a rare blood group, i was not knowing that thanks to the author and thanks to same blood group friends too. my health is normal and i like chicken and fish. well i faced a problem last week that is also mentioned by author as Gallbladder or some thing like that but i am feeling well now. if some one or author had more suggestions you can reach me at

Anonymous said...

AB+ - would love the exercise info! Thanks is advance!

Ferg Stewart said...

I'm another AB+ guy from Sydney, Australia. Great to see so many of us in this very special group! I've had similar problems with diet, especially the digestion of red meat (beef and lamb) and red wine. Significant problems with indigestion so have cut these items out. Eating more fish (salmon) and chicken and more frequent and smaller portioned meals. Regular exercise is crucial for us. Careful with gallbladder issues as you get older - had to have mine removed. Thanks for the dietary advice Julie - you're spot on!

Coby said...

I'm an AB+, and had no idea it was rare!
I don't really know what the A and B way to eat is. I have numerous health problems, and was told by my chiropractor to check into "How to Eat For Your Blood Type". I have RA, Fibromyalgia, IBS and Diverticulosis. I also have terrible tinnitus. I'm allergic to SO many things.I'm 54. My husband is a very healthy guy, and I'd like to be able to be too. I exercise almost daily for an hour, and try to eat healthy, but I have about 30 stubborn pounds regardless of how I eat. I eat chicken ALL the time, and thought I was doing myself a favor!
Do you think my health could improve with your diet plan?

Anonymous said...


Im AB+ and having trouble with my diet. Everything I eat seems to effect me. I would love the exercise info.

Thank you!

Stephanie said...

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I'm (AB negative). I bought the EATING FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE book that's specifically for AB blood types, however, I noticed that you have coffee as a beneficial beverage, but in the book, it lists coffee as a beverage to avoid. Also, you also mentioned that if there is a food that isn't listed, to consider it a neutral food. I was wondering about satsumas. I know they are in the orange family, but they aren't listed. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the exercise aspect you offered. I tend to be drawn to explosive activity. And I've noticed with the list of AB foods- I was already unattracted to those particular foods it said to avoid.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Johannesburg and also AB+.
Please could you send me the exercise plan:

Thanks for the blog, pity i only see it 4 years later :-(

Jani Spies said...

I'm an AB+ ! and im so glad that i found your webpage! It's so great to know what I've been doing wrong all these years which had been everyone else's idea of healthy living. I am giong to start at once and I am sure that this will be life changing! thank you so much! :)

Jani Spies said...

oh, and i would really like the excersize plan too. it has always been so hard to lose weight! thanks so much!
please email me at :

Beth said...

Hello and happy new year. I, too, am AB+ and am glad to have found your website! I have been avoiding a few of the correct foods for a while, but need to continue to adjust my eating to accommodate my blood type and digestive issues. I am wondering if you would please send me the exercises? I would be greatly appreciative! Thanks for all of your hard work that will make my life better!

esmeleus said...

Hi! I am blood type AB negative, have struggled to loose weight for quite a while now! Going to try the blood type dieet for the first time, any additional info will be highly appreciated! Thanks

DG Travel Group said...

AB+ - thank you for all the information. After not being able to lose the wieght, I started searching! Please send me the exercise for AB+.

Anonymous said...

I just found out I am AB+ after complications from having my gallbladder removed 3wks ago. I am really looking forward to changing my diet, excersize and suppliments to work with my blood type. I have obviously been eating all the wrong "good" foods the past 36yrs. Please email all info to and thank you for taking the time to inform all of us!

nod said...

wow, all new information. I am AB+ and I will give it a go, not much else really helps long term to keep weight off! I read up on blood group diets a few years ago and could not find very much info you did't have to pay for lol thought chicken was good for me lol and from your replies looks like ab/ab+/- are on the rise! please could you send me more info my email is and for the lady having problems with concieving red wine helped for me while trying to(not during) hope this is helpfull xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am AB+,
My immune system is extremely good! I never contracted measles, mumps, chicken pox or german measles. Never a sickly child or adult. I wonder if this has anything to do with my blood group?
Weight wise... I'm thin/skinny, in fact i have always needed to make sure i eat 3 meals a day, as i can loose weight very easily.
Diet.... I eat full fat everything! If i didn't eat meat, then i feel i would waste away! I generally eat well, although I have to say, looking at the diet guide depresses me, as i love all dairy, meat, fish etc, so cutting out certain items would be very difficult.
I have high energy and usually on the go most of the time.
Happy chatting!

pantherdome69 said...

Hello to all of you rare and unique people! I am also an AB+ blood type. I would really appriciate an email of the list please. I am also aneimic and have severe migrines, are there foods to help reduce migrines? Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

I have AB+ blood and I have a few autoimmune diseases and sinus issues. I want to know more about AB+ issues regarding food. If anyone could email me at with info that would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie..thank you so much for the info. I'm 53 and have struggled with weight all my life. As others have said I didn't know my AB+ was so I fit sooooo many of the issues you listed! I'm going to buy the book and do some more research...but I have friends who are swearing by this. They look better and feel better. Can you give me some info on the exercise part?? Interested to hear what you have to offer. Thank you again :) Jeanie

Anonymous said...

I am ab- and believe that my blood is rarer than rocking horse $hit. And yes i have a very strong immune system. I also recover from stress quickly. I have chameleon qualities and adapt to any situation readily. I have tried the ab- food diet and it actually does work VERY well. It just makes sense to eat for your blood type.

Tina said...

I am AB+, and I am so happy to have read this information! I would love the other information you mentioned in regard to exercise and such. Reading this almost made me feel like you wrote it just for me. I cannot believe how spot on it is!

I have struggled with my weight ever since I was greeted by 'womanhood' at the age of 11. Between 11 and 12 years of age I went from 101 pounds to 160 pounds without changing anything. So the weight-loss roller coaster began!

I am currently overweight and just reaching the tail end of a seven-day fast to begin a new relationship with food. The information I found here is timely and helpful. My first objective I had determined was to eliminate wheat, and what you have shared here confirms my suspicion.

Thank you so much for sharing this information, and please email the other if you would be so kind.

puddle said...

Hi, Julie! I'm a Julie, and AB+, and 71 years old, and been *dieting* since I was 12. If I tried this (and have effectively), I promise I'd be a balloon in short order. The ONLY way I can maintain weight is on near zero carbs. ALL grains of ALL varieties are absolutely out, and cause digestive problems. Especially and first and foremost and always: WHEAT. Oats are right behind. I'll give up artichokes and avocados about the 12th of Never. I do VERY well, thank you, on beef, pork, chicken, shrimp. No corn, potatoes or beans.

And BTW Type A is older than type O. . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi I am AB positive. I wonder why not diet worked for me but now I understand and I know what to eat to lose weight thanx for the info.

Charly said...


I'm AB+! Just learned that your diet should match your blood type. Which explains a lot of the problems I was having. Thanks for sharing this information. :)

Charly said...


As I stated above, I'm AB+. Can you please send me a list of exercises and supplements? Thanks in advance.

FYI: I'm also on the Candida Diet. I don't eat meat, soy, sugar or dairy.

Yehoshua Pinto said...

Pretty true. I found these Kosher Meal was particularly good for A and B Diets.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am an AB+. Thanks for taking the time to write this out, really helpful. Could you please send me the workout and supplimnet list?


Anonymous said...

my email is

Kristin said...

Hello. So glad I stumbled across your info! A friend of mine always gets on me for not trying certain foods and would never believe me I get an upset stomach I can explain to her! Unfortunately I love about 90% of the meats I'm suppose to avoid, especially chicken...I better cut way back, my goodness. No idea it was hurting me that much. Would love any more info you could send my way...exercise and supplements. Thanks again!

Floyd Gomes said...

Thank You Julie,
this is really good knowledge, Now I understand why I have been feeling sick. I live in Miami, Fl. USA

Im a AB+ .
Please forward more info at

Anonymous said...

hey tnx for the info.but i love peanuts so mush and i eat them,shall i cut back or???and can i eat whole wheat?,i love bread.....can you pls send for a the beneficial is ma e-mail adress,

Princess Campbell said...

Hi I am young and have an AB+ blood type. I will read this as a help since I weigh 170 and am 5"4 (small and heavy). I read some of this in other similar stories about AB+ blood types and believe that the blood is also a key to diet weight loss, it is an equal key to exercising and planned eating in maintaing your life. So I thank you for the very informative information. Also if there are any more was as one commented -what exercise and diet or vitamin supplement should i do to further tone and better control myself?
-also I seem very addicted to food all the time- as in I crave sweets and eat more at night then morning times. So if there is anything more I am glad if you can send me any to my Google.

Princess Campbell said...

I sadly forgot to post email so here it is

(For AB+ exercise supplements vitamins and anything i may have forgotten which is essential)

Also what about Strawberries is that good or bad for AB+ ?

Anonymous said...

Hi can you please send me excerise and supplement information for AB+? Great Blog! My email is

Shara said...

HI I'm AB-, great to be in such good company. I recently met someone who is AB+, first other AB apart from close family who I have ever met in 40 years!

I have ME and eat a lot of meat, so I'm going to change what I eat, wish me luck in my recovery!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am AB- & am interested in the exercise and supplement suggestions. My email address is, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi im AB- and wld love info on exercise and supplements suggestions. Thanks!

Denise Silva said...

Hi Julie,
Please email me the info on the exercise and supplement at thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
I am AB-..I think we are even more rare than AB+. I had to have surgery in 1985 and it took 2 days to get 3 units of AB-, I needed four before the surgery was over and ended up getting one unit of B-. I never knew it was that rare. I have fought weight all of my life and I have just discovered the blood type diet and I am going to give it a whirl. The bad thing for me is I LOVE meat especially chicken and pork..but I am so tired of constantly fighting the fat with no success..the meat is out the door!!! I am diabetic (type 2) and I have arthritis in right ankle..knee and lower back so getting on the floor is almost impossible..getting up is due to injuries I had had. I am Blessed with good health other wise except for the mucus monster and now I know the reason for that one. Wish me luck. Please send any info you may think I need and thank you so much for this site. Linda~*

Anonymous said...

Very useful info! Please email me the supplement info, as I can't find anything on it! I am AB negative. email:

Anonymous said...

I've just found your blood type diet and am going to follow it as I get attacked by sinus infections every winter. Please send me the list of supplements and exercise. My email address is


Sabine Hanger said...

Thanks for getting all this info together - really helpful! Could I get a copy of that exercise plan?

Thanks again!
sabinebehrmann (at)

Eleonoora said...

Hi Julie! I'm an AB+ type from Finland and I would just love to get the exercise plan, as I'm really trying to lose weight at the moment. I hope you are still reading these :)

My e-mail:

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

HI there everyone!!!
great post julie.....
i am AB+ve........wht i would like to know if its ok for us AB's to do a juice or water fast....
i want ot do it for spritual and health reasons.....
Is it beneficial or detrimental....
any help on this please!!!

Anonymous said...

I've only recently discovered that I am an AB+ blood type as well. I'm trying to figure out how to feel better and stay feeling better. I'm very reluctant, however, to use supplements (or, at least, too many supplements). What do the rest of you do?

Charly said...

Hi Julie!

I'm AB+ and I would love to get the exercise plan. I hope you are still reading the posted comments.

My e-mail:

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


im a ab+ 28 and have been struggling with my weight my whole life
please help me loose weight and keep it off

Anonymous said...

Thanks this is really helpful. But can I not drink alcohol at all. I've been struggling with losing weight and i think bc I LOVE ALL THE FOODS ON THE NEGATIVE LIST....BOOOOO I was so excited to be AB+ until I started doing research but that could be why my tummy aches alot. Help me please!!! GREAT INFO

Anonymous said...

my email is i left the comment above

Lellydw said...

Hi, I am AB Negative and find your food list very interesting. Some foods to avoid are what I do not like, and no mention has been made about strawberries. Luckily I am healthy but do struggle to lose weight being a female. Will certainly adjust some of my foods from now on and see if it makes any difference. Many thanks
Lesley W

Anonymous said...

I am AB + and can drink Scotch Vodka and Wine better than most of my friends. Keep good health but do have Allergy and Respiratory problems.

Anonymous said...

Another rare as rocking horse shit blood type is myself and my daughter who both carry ab- blood. We eat gluten and yeast free and follow our blood type diet. We are healthy and glad we found this site. Just found out through blood types that my dad might not be biologically related to me and that sux. At least I stumbled upon this website where more of my own kind hang out :) looking forward to getting a DNA test to complete my journey to the truth. I may never know who the sperm donor was but my dads my dad and we are healthy. It's nice to know your out there.

Anonymous said...

Ps re last post I thought I would just mention I am from Australia. It's really cool reading these posts and knowing everyone is from all over the world. :)

Kelly Gilliam said...

Ab negative here! =)

I am so happy I found this site.

Digestive problems out the wazoo here.

I did a huge diet modification because I am lactose intolerant and have gluten sensitivity and diabetic.

Feeling lucky =)

So now I dig into research me and what is the best diet for myself to live.

No I eat to live and not live to eat. it feels good to know there are some other people like myself.

Since my diet modification I have dropped weight , more energy and best of all the insulin levels are going back to normal without medication. I just have to poke my finger a few times per day.

Wish everyone the best and stay positive.

Kelly from Texas

Mrs. Hailey Sulenes said...

I Am AB+ and my daughter is AB- I didnt know AB blood type was rare?

Anonymous said...

Please email me the Diet/Exercise program info for AB+ blood type. Thank you, kindly!

Love your blog - very informative.

ioanche said...

Hi, I am 35 YO Female and just found out i am AB- blood type. I am trying to lose weight before trying to get pregnant. Any helpful exercises, diet, and herbs would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i too am a AB+ blood type .. I want to follow the zone diet and i am glad I found your blog. I am a total vegetarian .. I love dairy ..Thank you. I am Hypo thyroid and hvae gained a lot of weight, it is a constant battle to loose weight ,.. Can you please email the exercise programme on my email address sunibee@ .

Shandraphanessa Blanco said...

Iam AB +. I would also like exercise recommendations as well please. My email is

Rowena said...

I am AB+ and I would like exercise and supplement recommendations please:

Anonymous said...

Thanks I am a AB negative blood type and am sadly eating all the wrong stuff but this is very interesting and am going to start trying some of this. Please send me the exercise suggestions

Heather Carlson said...

I'm AB+ and you wrote this blog post on my birthday!!! Thanx for sharing this info!! Super intriguing and spot on!

Anonymous said...

AB-...please send exercise suggestions to Thanks for all the great info!

Anonymous said...

I am an blood type and am familiar with blood type diet for quite some years i have problems with weight due to financial problems did not have money for right food and am on medication. is there any hope to help me recover from schizophrenia on this diet ? Should I emphasise fruit more ?

Liz Tetu said...

Please email me diet and exercise for AB-

Thank you in advance

Linda Cerrito said...

I've been researching proper foods to eat since I'm AB+ and found your blog...great info...I hate eating meat and that's what my doctor keeps trying to push down my throat. I'd rather have a big pot of soup with brown rice, beans and veggies. Now I can tell him I've been right all along. Can you send me the exercises to please I'm hoping by following this diet and exercises I can finally lose some weight

Anonymous said...

I am 61 years old and I'm AB negative, I have been on the AB food plan for a week and have lost five pounds in just the one week, I can feel I have already got more energy so am looking forward to see what happens over the next few months.

Anonymous said...

I just found out a week ago that I'm AB- and am trying to get on an AB diet, this was very helpful. Thank you!

GillieB said...

Hello everyone, I'm AB+ too and would really like to lose some weight. I'm 63 and, when I can get myself motivated, I do want to try changing to the AB good foods. I must admit, I did read Peter D'Adamo's book some years ago when I first found I was AB+ but never put it into practice (is it an AB+ trait that we're lazy about these sort of things??!!).

Unfortunately lots of the "bad" foods are ones that I like! I do have a very robust constitution generally and don't really find any problems when I eat the bad foods.

Anyway, I've just read the post on 23rd May 2015 from the Anonymous 61 year old who has lost 5lbs in a week, so I am getting inspired! What exactly are you doing? Just cutting out the bad things and eating the good ones?

Julie - I would really love it if you could send me the exercise info & diet plan and anything else that you think would be useful. Sorry to ramble on!

My email address is

Thanks in advance. Gill

ice evangelista said...

hi julie,

I am AB positive and I.already used all diet pills at first I.get thin but after 2 much my weight doubles. Im having a hard time loosing weight. kindly email me what exercise suites me. I am 120 todat and my target is 100 because of my.height.please email me at thanks

Amanda Collins said...

I am an negative and it seems impossible me to find my diet. I am hypoglycemic and was more so when I was breast feeding. I find myself intolerant to all milk but not milk products. I am also intolerant to onions but I do love them. I don't like tapioca and I eat peanuts daily I crave them. But I also crave caffeine. I do find red meats to not do well with me even if I lo e a good steak. But as much as I love shrimp if I eat too much it causes me to throw up so I take has to be monitored. I love flounder and it does well when I eat it with vinegar. I also found drinking vinegar helped me rid my self of acid reflux. So go figur?

Lavinia Campbell said...

Hi, I am an AB- a very rare gem that needs to lose some weight after 2nd baby...

Anonymous said...

I'm AB+, and one of the first things i read in the article is that i am supposed to have low stomach acid. I may not fit the mold but i have terrible acid reflux that has to be kept in check with medication. so I'm not sure on the accuracy of the rest of this article to be sure as i produce too much stomach acid.

Kris said...

I am AB+ as well, and have spent years trying to lose weight. I am an emotional eater, I LOVE red meat, but also suffer from IBS, and therefore have a relatively restricted diet as is. NOTHING has seemed to work. I eat 6 times a day because 1 large meal is very hard on my belly. And I get ulcers frequently. I'm also a very active mother of 3, and stress is a regular thing for me. I'm always tired and sluggish, even after sleeping 7 hrs.

I honestly never knew there was a way to eat for your blood type. A friend mentioned it to me, and I figured I'd check it out since everything else has failed.

Anything you may have to offer, tips, recipes, ect, please feel free to email me at:

thanks so much for this article.

Rolf Guntert said...

I was over at dinner last night at my grandparents and they were telling me about a diet for their blood type so I did a search and came across this. I'm AB- and see that the diet is very vegetable rich as well as high on dairy and fish. The problem is I love my red meat! I guess it's the sacrifice I would have to make for better health. The question that comes up for me is how conducive is this diet to a marathon runner such as myself? My hesitation would be if I am getting enough protein and nutrients to sustain extended periods of aerobic exercise. I train 5 to 7 days a week training 80% of the time in the aerobic heart rate zone and 20% in the anaerobic zone. Any thoughts or comments are welcome. Please feel free to email me at

Shehera Zain said...

im an AB+ as well. im very careful with my diet and also thanks to you got much more information. Can you please tell me a good multi vitamin that i can take.

Anonymous said...


I'm another AB- :) I have a small problem though. I'm a vegan and not willing to give that up. I feel fantastic and my doctor says I'm the healthiest 38 yr old she ever met. I have one problem; they cant figure out why i don't lose weight. I'm about 30lbs over weight and have been for years. I just finished training for, and ran, my first half marathon. I kept a detailed food and exercise journal for 10 weeks and both my regular doctor and my naturopath cant figure out whats going on. would this diet help me? I'm lucky its high veggie but I would have to skip the dairy and fish.what do you think?

Anthula D'Imperio said...

I'm AB-, didn't see too many here. I'd love more info if you're still monitoring this blog entry

Anonymous said...

Hi I am AB- and I am trying to start a healthy lifestyle....I have recently become a vegetarian, and I also have an iron deficiency. I was wondering if you are able to send me a list of supplements I could or should take to help. if possible


my email is:

Julia Ibarra Albizu said...

I am AB- !!!! There rare ones ���� - I grew up in Europe, never had a problem, 5 years ago i moved to USA... Oh dear 40 pounds - I have lost 30 on the past months - CORN - OILS (except olive oil) - ORANGES those three things that I will eat at least twice a day - ones I count those off with also wheat and red meat (not fully)
I do not exercise much - but I do the minimum which is 25mins per day (not always) I drink I eat outside sometimes but is just like a miracle after all this years finally I discover that I was in that 6% so AB was not rare enough we also have the negative - so dear Blood aliens - I also used to have a lot of sinus problems ... Not anymore! I took a personal blood test when I actually saw the results and a few other foods came out but that is a medical thing and I am not 100% is the reason of the still today decrease of my weight - is a miracle anyone that needs help email me to I will be very happy to explain what I eat - it might seem hard but is not at all !!!! Is just to get adjust to a few things - results are from weight to also skin .... I do not really believe in any of this stuff but it's actually happening and its real 30 pounds less after trying everything someone can image ... Is a result. Thank you all!!!

Ed Obara said...

I also am AB negative and grew up on most of the food that I shouldn't be eating, no wonder my weight has jumped so high. If you have any questions my e-mail is

William Tong said...

AB- One of the rare ones! cordell28@hotmail , thank you for the great article good reminders and new insight as well, can't wait to try these out!

Kim Dehlbom said...

Hi there, I am also AB-. I tried the blood type diet for awhile but fell off the wagon. My son and husband are both type O! I really enjoy meat, chicken and many of the other foods on the "avoid" list, but I have seen several of them show up as a negative factor on the Zyto scans I run for myself. I wish I liked seafood, tofu and yoga! Maybe I'll give it another go :)

Anonymous said...

I am AB- I'd love the exercise recommendations.

Jake Roberts said...

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mintez said...

first I like to thank you for da info .... am AB question is how can I gain weight bt nt fat.... and what's wrong with using alcohol ??

Anonymous said...

AB- here, and vegan.

Mz. KRP said...

I'm AB- .. My question is can the effects of how you have been eating the wrong foods be corrected once you change your diet? Or are the long term effects of eating the wrong way permanent?

Anonymous said...

I'm an AB Negative! Thaks for the info :)

Gina said...

Hi. I'm AB(-). Thanks for the info.


Hi,i am Ab+! Thanks for the info

joecoles said...

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