Saturday, May 17, 2008

Muscle Testing

Now, those of you that were not at my class may ask, what IS muscle testing? It is a way to get a good picture of how the body is doing internally. It is a method of isolating a muscle (typically the arm muscle, but you can use practically any muscle) and testing its strength/weakness when energy is presented to an organ. It is difficult to get a good idea of what it is without showing you. But let me try....

Basically, all organs have energy because every molecule in our body has energy. If an organ is not being properly nourished and is not getting its waste eliminated properly, it will be weak. The weakness of an organ causes improper function. Improper function gives you pains, symptoms, abnormalities, etc. So, what we do is the tester [that would be me] presents their energy to an organ [just by touching the area, also known as a meridian]. Simultaneously, the person being tested [that would be you] locks up their arm muscle while the tester applies a slight pressure. If the organ is strong and properly nourished, the testee [read that one out loud, :) ] will be able to hold their arm up against the pressure because the circuits in the body are all go and that organ is healthy! But if the organ is malnourished and not functioning optimally, the system will be temporarily short circuited and the person will have more of a difficulty holding their arm up against the pressure from the tester. Either that or they will not be able to hold it up at all [that is for a more serious weakness]. That is because the malnourished organ is not used to the "good" energy because it has been neglected. So the "good" energy will throw it off which causes the muscle weakness in the arm.

I hope that description helped you understand it, but if not feel free to question away. It also helps to see it done or have it done to you. So if you would like to set up a time let me know and we can set something up. I am here to help YOU and it just so happens that for this instance, helping you helps me get some homework done! =]
Feel free to contact me about doing some muscle testing. I am currently doing full evaluations for $10. We will look at each organ's strengths and weaknesses, as well as what supplementation could be beneficial and how much of it. [I also sell supplements but you do not have to buy them from me. It is only an option.]

I really do wish to help you find out why you are having certain things happen in your body and muscle testing is a good way to get a picture of your internal environment. Therefore, it is one of the first steps toward wellness.

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